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                                                                      Specializing in Engineering and Manufacturing



Synergy Search is an executive search firm specializing in professional Engineering and Manufacturing, Human Resource and Finance placements.  

Many years of experience in the field enable us to effectively offload the time consuming and costly aspects of searching, advertising, resume screening and background checks.  Pre-screening potential applicants alone, reduces the hiring process substantially.

Engaging the services of an executive search firm is an investment in the quality of your management team and can have significant impact on your bottom-line.  Balance the costs of utilizing a search partner in your hiring, versus the time and expense required to advertise, screen, short-list, interview, reference and negotiate for the "right" candidate and you have more than recovered the search fees.  Couple the above hiring expenses with no guarantee, and with the result of hiring the "wrong" individual, and the negative impact of that hiring decision is felt throughout the organization.

Our extensive professional experience in business management and human resources, our prescreened database of highly-qualified candidates and our expertise in locating "hidden" candidates, enables us to provide you with a highly aligned group of potential employees, thereby freeing your valuable resources to make the final selection, confident that it is the right "fit" for both the individual and the organization.

The Search Process:

Our search process commences with a complete understanding of the culture and dynamics of the organization and the position to be filled.  A comprehensive job description may be obtained and a thorough search of pre-qualified candidates commences.  Further, opportunities are presented to individuals who have been identified as strong industry performers in their respective fields and companies.

Synergy's recruitment advisors will work closely with company representatives to streamline the pre-screening, scheduling and interview process and will interview each and every candidate before presenting them to the corporate hiring officials.  Once the hiring decision has been made, an offer negotiated and accepted, Synergy associates will maintain regular contact with both the candidate and client to ensure a successful on-going relationship, identifying and resolving any issues which may arise and ensuring exceptional quality control and service.

Contact us for complete details of our contracts and services.

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