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We are dedicated to bringing together the highest level of executive talent with growth-oriented companies which embrace personal and professional development in a mutually beneficial and "synergistic" relationship. This undertaking demands a clear and intuitive understanding of all parties' preferences and requirements, close attention to detail, and the highest level of confidentiality and trust. This is our commitment and our strength.   

A key factor in the success of any organization is its managerial talent. As a result of highly competitive markets, companies are relying on the expertise of executive search firms to assist them in identifying, attracting and retaining top flight executives to complement their managerial team and provide a "competitive edge".    

Sourcing these high-level performers has become very sensitive and time consuming. It is now simple for anyone, qualified or not, to send in their application over the internet. In 90% of the cases, the candidate is not at all suitable as far as skills are concerned, and of the remainder, personality, preferred work environments, and company culture, render another 8% unsuited to the position.   

We at Synergy, utilize an extensive candidate network to identify the most suitable candidates. These individuals may already be employed and chose to work with us to ensure confidentiality, professionalism, and to take advantage of our industry knowledge and negotiation expertise.
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